Highest treetop path in northern Germany

After 2 years of planning, the first treetop path in the Lüneburg Heath is created in a construction period of only 6 months. The, heathen heaven ”
becomes a beacon of the region beyond the country’s borders.

The treetop path creates a natural and environmental facility that caters to all visitors
Age groups the insight into the local fauna and flora and their connections allows.

The barrier-free walking on the bridges and bridges is supported by a passenger elevator.
The 45 m high Fernblick Plateau with a floor area of ​​145 sqm offers a view of the Port of Hamburg and in large parts of the Lüneburg Heath.

More than 20 environmental and learning stations including a forest educational trail can be found in the complex.
In addition, expert guided tours and programs for school groups and groups are offered.

For the small and big hunger, the quaint restaurant, sky and earth “with a beautiful terrace and great views.

Admission: optional only treetop path,
Wildlife park or both entries combined.

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